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Startup Accelerator By Kivunim & Gvahim

TheHive Ashdod

Accelerator program for early-stage startups, supports and promotes new initiatives and technologies. The participants acquire tools, mentorships, hands-on guidance, access to investors, pitch practice, access to co-working space, and much more

We empower local & international entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into viable businesses by leveraging Gvahim's and Ashdod's extensive network of mentors, experts, alumni, and investors


The accelerator is a six-month program during which the participating entrepreneurs acquire tools for developing their projects


Full access for members-only Community of entrepreneurs that learn from, motivate and support each other


Unlimited access to the HUB ASH workspace - comfortable, intelligent, and generous workspace for full-productive work mode


Full access for members-only Community of entrepreneurs that learn from, motivate and support each other


Get help with guidance throughout the process— We׳ll glad to help with any thought or try to help you stay focused on your target


Gain significant experience in pitching, preparing presentations and talks with investors at the accelerator's final event - Demo Day


Possible access and full accompaniment with potential investors: leading investment companies, venture capital funds, and angel investors


Lean Canvas


Business Strategy


Business Development


How to Pitch

Product-Market Fit

Hub Ashdod offers spacious and comfortable workspaces, inspiring design, and luxurious lounges alongside an entrepreneurial community life with workshops, conferences, and professional meetings - all combined to give you a productive work environment so you can do the thing you do best - turn ideas into reality


Your place to evolve

Among the hard work, we also leave you a place to develop. Acquire professional knowledge and develop personal abilities in professional meetings, entrepreneurship programs, accelerators, lectures, and workshops at no additional cost to community members

Everything you need to takes to upgrade your venture

At your disposal are technologically designed and equipped complexes, where you can reserve work meetings, meetings with the staff, a presentation to the client, and even a complex for your next professional conference

Diverse and comfortable work complexes

Enjoy a wide range of seating and work options from the most advanced. Ranging from tables in different seating styles to productive work, seating complexes so you can also diversify yourself


Six-months program

Application Deadline | December 31, 2021

Program starts | February 2022


Alex Peleg


Cynergy is a SaaS Platform with an innovative approach for organizations to fight against the risk of Ransomware, via Attacks Surface Management(ASM) and Continuous Automated Red Teaming(CART). Founded in 2019, Cynergy enables Automated External Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Modeling, Validation, Prioritization, and support with Mitigation. The founding team are a veteran cyber professional with years of experience in Israel's cybersecurity ecosystem

Liron choen


tPunisher is a new platform for cybercrime ethics that aims to determine the ethics and regulations of the 21st century. The founder and CEO Liron choen took part in HUBashdod's acceleration program Liron is very active in the field of network ethics and expects this field to be an integral part of day-to-day technological development.

Eden Adler


portali is a platform that uses artificial intelligence and automation for business accounting needs. Founder and CEO Eden Adler took part in HUBashdod's acceleration program Operated by the hive Ashdod. Eden has won second place in the program and has created a razor interest around the platform, since the end of the program portali is expanding and we are expecting a bright future for them.

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